Interim Signal & Flagging Schedule @ State Highway 55 and Banks/Lowman Road

Interim Signal & Flagging Schedule @ State Highway 55 and Banks/Lowman Road

Idaho Department of Transportation (ITD) announced a new interim signal, long-term plans, and 2024 summer flagging schedule at State Highway 55 and Banks/Lowman Road in Boise County: Read Press Release (press release is summarized below)

ITD working towards solutions for summer traffic at SH-55, Banks-Lowman Intersection.

SOURCE: ITD Press Release. This is the intersection of SH-55 and Banks Lowman Road. CLICK to Read.

To alleviate travel problems along the SH-55, Banks Lowman corridor — especially during the busy summer season — the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is implementing short-term measures for flagging and an interim signal while working on a long-term solution.

Short Term – Interim Signal: ITD plans to install an interim traffic signal later this year at the SH-55, Banks Lowman Road intersection. The project team currently is engaged in material testing, environmental work, site design, and stakeholder collaboration.

Long-Term – Planning: In tandem with the temporary signal, ITD will begin designing a comprehensive intersection plan during the next few years. The design process will include bridge widening and road expansion to accommodate a final signal for increasing traffic demands. There is currently no funding for construction.

Flagging – Prior to Interim Signal: Until the interim signal is operational, flagging will occur at peak 2024 summer travel periods at the intersection, as follows:

  • Father’s Day
  • All Sundays in July
  • First Sunday in August
  • Second Sunday in August
  • Labor Day

Always plan ahead, especially during heavy weekend travel along the corridor, by leaving earlier or later. Also, check before you go.

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