BCRCC Questionnaire

Boise County Republican Central Committee Questionnaire

Please let us know your thoughts about how we can improve BCRCC and how you can help. 

Click the link above to open a downloadable text file you can print (or save to your computer for editing), fill in, and mail to BCRCC | PO Box 675 | Idaho City, ID 83631.

The questions also are shown below in case you want to copy and paste them into your favorite text editor:

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1. What is the Boise County Central Committee’s (BCRCC) main job or purpose?

2. What actions should the BCRCC take?

3. What is the job of a Precinct Committee Person?

4. What actions would you like your Precinct Committee Person to take?

5. What actions would you like the BCRCC Chairperson to take?

6. How can the BCRCC increase voter participation in the primary and general elections?

7. What are your fundraising ideas for the BCRCC?

8. Would you like to volunteer for the BCRCC? If yes, what would you like to do?

9. Additional comments?

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