Jungle Primaries & Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) Ballot Initiative: A Race to the Bottom

Open/Jungle Primaries & RCV threaten Idaho’s conservative voices. These are leftist-favored tactics to turn Idaho blue. Learn the issues! Do not fall for Reclaim Idaho’s propaganda.

Excerpt of Article by Big E’s Bigmouth Substack
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Idaho GOP Palm Card — Back.

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What's wrong with Ranked Choice Voting?
What’s wrong with Ranked Choice Voting? Read on…

Ranked Choice Voting in a Nutshell

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) — more appropriately nicknamed Rigged Choice Voting — was already prohibited by law in Idaho via House Bill 179, but leftist backed group Reclaim Idaho is trying to overturn voter choice with a ballot initiative that eventually will destroy Idaho’s primary and general elections. (In Idaho, the primary elections often determine the general election winners, so open primaries are particularly harmful.)

The Reclaim Idaho ballot initiative proposes to completely restructure Idaho’s election system in two main ways that will harm conservatives and turn Idaho into Colorado and any other blue state you can name:

  1. Require all primaries to use a wide-open “top-four” scheme technically termed a “jungle” primary. The current partisan primary, where Republican voters select the Republican nominee, would be abolished. Replacing it would be a “top four” primary, where all candidates are on the ballot, and voters can choose any one of them. The top four vote-getters advance to the general election, regardless of party affiliation (or lack thereof).
  2. Implement Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) in our general elections. The general election would be conducted via an instant runoff, also known as ranked choice voting. In this system, voters rank candidates by order of preference, and votes are counted in multiple rounds. If nobody receives an outright majority, the lowest vote-getter is eliminated. This process — which requires computer intervention (what could go wrong?) and eliminates voted ballots — continues until one candidate has a majority. That candidate is then declared the winner.

The following two videos explain ranked choice voting in less than two minutes each.

Ranked Choice Voting Explained in Less than One Minute.
Ranked Choice Voting Explained in Less than One Minute. Click to View.
Ranked Choice Voting Explained in Less than Two Minutes.
Ranked Choice Voting Explained in Less than Two Minutes. Click to View.
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